11. No Kombya


Workshop 11No Kombya PARTICIPANTS TEACHERS Date: June 2019 Theme: "No Kombya" OBJECTIVES To continue creating awareness on sexual reproductive rights. To answer questions raised by some of the students during the previous workshop. Discuss the meaning of ‘No Kombyo’ – Not giving men our sexual parts [...]

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10. The Smart, Focused & Principled Girl


Workshop 10 The Smart, Focused & Principled Girl PARTICIPANTS TEACHERS Date: April 17th 2019 Theme: "The Smart, Focused & Principled Girl" OBJECTIVES Continue discussing the key issues and concerns. Identify and practice communication skills that can help the girls gain independence and educational excellence in [...]

10. The Smart, Focused & Principled Girl2021-02-24T11:51:11+00:00

9. Sex and Relationships as a Teenager


Workshop 9Sex and Relationships as a Teenager PARTICIPANTS TEACHERS Date: October 2018 Theme: "Sex and Relationships as a Teenager" OBJECTIVES Making the right decisions in life.Setting goals and making plans for your future when you are a teenager.The effects of having sexual relationships at an early age.Physical changes during [...]

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8. Controlling High Sexual Urge


Workshop 8 Controlling High Sexual Urge PARTICIPANTS TEACHERS Date: July 2018 Theme: "Controlling High Sexual Urge" OBJECTIVES To answer questions raised by some of the students during the 7th To address questions from the girls of how to overcome high sexual desire during their fertile [...]

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7. Awareness on Reproductive Health


Workshop 7Awareness on Reproductive Health PARTICIPANTS TEACHERS Date: March 2018 Theme: "Awareness on Reproductive Health" OBJECTIVES To continue creating awareness on reproductive healthReview topics covered on previous 6 workshopsFor the first years to learn about previous workshops so they can get up to tempo with the learnings of the [...]

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6. Reproductive Health


Workshop 6Reproductive Health PARTICIPANTS TEACHERS Date: October 2017 Theme: "Reproductive Health" OBJECTIVES To sensitize the girls about the need for reproductive healthShare knowledge and understanding on this topicIdentify what healthy personal hygiene is and ways to maintain itTeach the younger girls about the physical changes that happen in pubertyEncourage [...]

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5a. “Dealing with Peer Pressure”


Workshop 5aDealing with Peer Pressure PARTICIPANTS Date: July 2017 Theme: "Dealing with Peer Pressure" OBJECTIVES To identify ‘good’ behaviour.How to build a strong characterHow to deal with peer pressureHow to deal with pressure from the community KEY ISSUES DISCUSSED What is Right or wrongOpenness versus SecrecyMoving past [...]

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4. “Reaching My Full Potential”


Workshop 5Reaching my Full Potential PARTICIPANTS TEACHERS Date: April 2017 Theme: "Reaching my Full Potential" OBJECTIVES Review key issues discussed in last three workshopsSensitizing girls to learn from their past mistakesStrengthening the student forumSelecting a team of girls who will be trained to mentor fellow colleagues at school and [...]

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3. “My Continuing Self Worth”


Workshop 3My Continuing Self Worth PARTICIPANTS TEACHERS Date: July 2016 Theme: "My Continuing Self Worth" OBJECTIVES To further embed the topics which were addressed in AprilIncrease trust and awarenessSet up structures whereby the girls can continue their journey towards empowering themselves and each other, at school and at homeDevelop [...]

3. “My Continuing Self Worth”2021-02-24T12:28:22+00:00
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