Workshop 11
No Kombya


Date: June 2019

Theme: “No Kombya”


  • To continue creating awareness on sexual reproductive rights.
  • To answer questions raised by some of the students during the previous workshop.
  • Discuss the meaning of ‘No Kombyo’ – Not giving men our sexual parts until we complete school and get married.
  • Self respect.
  • Making the right friends.
  • Peer group pressure.
  • Making the best choices.
  • Setting goals which will help you achieve your potential.


  • Society and its perception of the girl child.
  • Self-respect
  • Making right friends
  • Making right choices
  • Peer pressure


  • There are too many children to be handled by one facilitator, the girls ‘number increased from 500 to 749 this year 2019.
  • The community is still a major challenge.
  • Their perception towards the girl child is very poor. They believe girls are not supposed to acquire high education and that the girls are supposed to be married off as soon as their breasts appear. This is a major challenge in our work because the daily influence of the community has a strong impact on the girls.