Friends of Femlead Foundation
is operating as Femlead


This appeal is to raise money for machinery with which we can produce sanitary pads out of the stems (the waste product) of locally grown banana palms. In 2018 the local women sponsored by FEMLEAD planted numerous banana palms which are now being harvested. The stems from banana palms, when pulped and fluffed, make a material more absorbent and hygienic than anything that can be made from wood pulp and wastepaper. The process also uses less water, which is in short supply in the area.

Due to COVID our efforts were slowed but we have now sourced a machine by SARAL DESIGNS that suits all our needs. This machine, although perfect, costs more money than we have! Because of this we have joined forces with the nonprofit TEAM UP to help us achieve our goal. All donations can be placed through them.

SARAL DESIGNS will also provide training for the women in the community, not only on how to operate and maintain the machinery but also on how to run a small business – which is critically important.

This venture will not only manufacture sanitary pads for the local girls but also help to alleviate an acute food shortage and provide work for local women. Through this we aim to build a generation of women who are respected within their community and can provide for themselves and their families.

We are well on our way to achieving our $20,000 GOAL with $12,528.55 (at time of writing) already being raised.

We want to have the funds by the end of this February so that we can start the process of ordering and shipping the machinery to Uganda. We can then publicly launch the project during our official sponsors and team visit in September 2023.