Date: October 2018

Theme: “Sex and relationships as a Teenager”

Participants: 450 girls

Age: 12-20 years

Teachers: 1


  • Keeping discussing the key issues and concerns.
  • Making the right decisions in life.
  • Setting goals and making plans for your future when you are a teenager.
  • The effects of having sexual relationships at an early age.
  • Physical changes during adolescence.
  • Menstruation and good hygiene.
  • Understanding HIV and AIDS.
  • Early marriage and the effects of teenage pregnancy.
  • Students questions and sharing of experiences.

Key Issues Discussed:

  • Menstruation
  • Personal hygiene
  • Disadvantages of Sexual relationships at a young age


The community is deeply rooted into promoting early marriages and child prostitution practices. So, as much as we try to change the perceptions of the children without talking to the communities, our impact is restricted. This is because, when they go back to their communities, they are continuously influenced by the early marriage and prostitution practices of their own relatives.