Date: October 2017

Theme: “Reproductive Health”

Participants: 500 +/- girls

Age: 12-19 years

Teachers: 5


  • To sensitize the girls about the need for reproductive health
  • Share knowledge and understanding on this topic
  • Identify what healthy personal hygiene is and ways to maintain it
  • Teach the younger girls about the physical changes that happen in puberty
  • Encourage the older girls and teachers to share their experiences on these crucial issues
  • Bring this important topic out into the open to create regular easy and knowledgeable discussions between peers

Key Issues Discussed:

  • Puberty
  • Periods
  • Personal hygiene
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Clothes and sexuality
  • Body responsibility – your own and other peoples


  • Many girls with too many different needs to adequately address them all
  • Limited resources
  • How to involve more teachers and parents
  • How and when to set up regular sessions for both the girls and the parents and teachers, in smaller group on this topic