Date: March 2018

Theme: “Awareness on Reproductive Health”

Participants:  450 girls

Age: 12-20 years

Teachers: 2


  • To continue creating awareness on reproductive health
  • Review topics covered on previous 6 workshops
  • For the first years to learn about previous workshops so they can get up to tempo with the learnings of the older girls.
  • Learn the basics of self-esteem

Key Issues Discussed:

  • Personal hygiene
  • Menstruation
  • Learning from our past mistakes
  • Self-respect
  • Sexual Reproductive rights


The ‘big’girls between ages 18 and 20 years have been highly exposed to sex. We see that they try to influence the younger girls. So at the same time as we are training the young ones, on a regular basis in their safe houses the ‘big’ girls are also training them into sexual relationships.