Date: July 2018

Theme: “Controlling High Sexual Urge”

Participants:  500+ girls

Age: 12-20 years

Teachers: 6 female, 1 male


  • To answer questions raised by some of the students during the 7th
  • To address the questions from some of the girls of how to overcome high sexual desire during their fertile days of their menstrual cycle.
  • To encourage the girls to aim higher for themselves and their academic life.
  • Involve ex-student(s )who attended Makerere university to motivate the school girls.

Key Issues Discussed:

  • Assertiveness: This is the ability to express oneself without being disrespectful.
  • Self-awareness: This is knowing your self
  • Self-esteem: How one believes in oneself
  • Coping with emotions: How to gain control of your own emotions
  • Coping with stress: Managing stress is key in life


Girls have high expectations from Femlead. They believe that the organization will solve all their challenges and meet all their basic scholastic requirements.