Esther Bagoole

Esther Nankya Bagoole

Esther is a human rights activist. She has a Master’s degree in Human Rights and a Bachelor’s degree in Arts at Makerere University, Uganda. After she completed her Masters Esther worked for 5 years in human rights advocacy at ‘The Foundation for Human Rights Initiative’. During this time, she was involved in a variety of projects and activities including:  human rights advocacy, human rights capacity building sessions, civic empowerment, publishing: human rights defender’s reports, human rights status reports and newsletters.

Over 10 years ago Esther together with her husband co-founded the Healing Focus Orphanage Centre (HFOC), a Ugandan charity (working closely with UKHF). Among other activities HFOC provides education for the orphans and needy children in Busiiro, Luuka district, Uganda. From 2008 to 2014, working in collaboration with UKHF, Healing Children School, a free school for 250 orphan students, has, in the view of the local Ugandan education department, become “the best school in the district”. It has a 100% pass rate amongst students taking the Primary Leaving Exam.” 

Esther is the founder and currently the Managing Director of Femlead, an NGO that helps young Ugandan women discover their full potential. Femlead aims to empower young girls with the life skills and knowledge, which help them achieve their goals in life.